"Our Free Hometown Pass is the best way to entertain visiting friends and family!"
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I share an email with my spouse/partner. How can we both get a hometown pass?

Because your username serves as your personal account, you must each have your own unique email address. We suggest you acquire a free email account through a reliable business website such as google, yahoo, etc.

I have a family with children younger than 13 years of age. Can they receive a Hometown Pass?

Absolutely, but you will still have to pay the full adult fare. At which point your children will be the “free ticket.”

I don’t have a printer; can I purchase my tickets before I come?

Yes. You can do so by calling our call center. The number is 866-753-7975. You will need to provide your 5 digit member ID located on your membership card.

I am a member of your Hometown Pass program and am planning to visit one of the other six great cities you operate in. Is my Hometown Pass good there?

No. At this time there are no discounts for our Hometown Pass members who are visiting our other cities.

I have recently moved and need to switch my address and zip code on my Hometown Pass. How can I do this?

Just send us an email! In it, please provide the email address associated with your account as well as the correct address with zip code. You can email our Marketing Director.

Do I need to make a reservation and if so… where can I do this?

Yes, but only for our reservation-based tours. All Hometown Pass tickets must be purchased over the phone via our call center (866-753-7975) or at our ticket booths. To ensure your spot on one of our reservation-based tours, we highly suggest phoning our call center in advance to secure the date and time you wish to tour with us.

I am interested in going on one of your specialty or seasonal tours and it is not listed on my pass. Can I still get the deal?

No. The specific tours and attractions that we offer through our Hometown Pass program are listed on this site. Due to very limited capacities, we cannot offer this discount on our specialty / seasonal tours.

Can I purchase my Hometown Pass tickets online?

Currently our systems won’t allow this. But we would love to help you out by calling us at 866-753-7975. You will be directed to one of our specialty agents who can assist in this purchase.

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